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Former Member
Jun 24, 2015 at 03:22 PM

Get all pricerows columns from Pricing Service


In Pricerows item, I will be adding a new attribute named 'List Price'. Though I will be storing my final price in the "price" attribute, I would still like to retrieve the List Price(for display) as well through the Pricing engine - Europe1PriceFactory.

On analysis of the pricing flow, I found that the getCommercePriceService().getWebPriceForProduct(productModel) returns the PriceInformation POJO which is OOTB. This class is unmodifiable, as it is in a .jar.

Can some one suggest a way to get the new list price attribute as well through the Pricing Engine.

Also, I do not want to write a simple Pricerows Item fetch Flexible query. If I do so, I will be missing out on all the features that Pricing Engine provides me OOTB.