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Jun 24, 2015 at 02:50 PM

Extend Backoffice in order to show in editor area not hybris objects


Hallo experts,

I have defined some custom data objects, that do not belong to hybris domain model, and I want to use an editor area in order to show their attributes. I have implemented all the strategies, that are described in link:Cockpit Data Integration Layer of NG-Cockpit.

These strategies are: 1. TypeFacadeStrategy 2. ObjectFacadeStrategy 3. PermissionFacadeStrategy 4. FieldSearchFacadeStrategy 5. PermissionManagementFacadeStrategy

I have implemented the strategies to handle explicit only my custom data objects. I have extended the spring configuration with the new strategies. I have also implemented the DataType.Builder and DataAttribute.Builder to generate the necessary DataTypes and DataAttributes for the editor area. I have also extended the backoffice-config.xml in order to define the attributes of my custom data objects, that should be shown in the editor area. I have three problems.

  1. When I define one attribute from one custom data object to be shown in editor area (in backoffice-config.xml) , I can see this attribute in the editor area in backoffice. The problem is that I cannot edit or change the value. For this attribute I have set the flags (mandatory, unique, localized, ordered, writableOnCreation) false and the flags (searchable, writable) true in DataAttribute. I took the values for the flags from the equivalent DataType for CatalogVersion as example.

  2. When I define two attributes from my object to be shown in editor, I become an error "
    Page size must be a positiver number".

  3. I want to implement a search function, when the user clicks in an attribute field as it is implemented by the other editor area in hybris backoffice. The first problem is that the attribute fields are not searchable. The second problem is that I want to trigger a search from basis the DataType and DataAttribute, that the user clicks.

Thanks in advance for any help.