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Mar 24, 2006 at 06:32 PM

CO03 function module used for cost analysis report


In T-Code CO03 you enter an order and then you can GOTO>COST>ANALYSIS and there will be a report produced with cost detail. My question is concerning the "total planned qty" and the "Total Actual qty" fields which you have to add to the display(report). What function module or conversion method is SAP using to convert the time QTY to hours? We have created a seperate program that uses two function modules to convert time values to hours. One is CF_UT_UNIT_CONVERSION which is used for all values EQ to or Less Than 999999.999. The other is COR0_CONF_TO_OPR_UNIT_CONVERT for values that are larger than the previous. We have some things that happen to be measured in PICO seconds and the value is to large for the first function module. The field that is normally the problem is AFVV-ISM03, but it could be ISM01, 02, etc.

The problem is there is a discrepency between the numbers for a particular order in CO02 and this report. I want to see what SAP is using to make this conversion. I have tried to find this in debug but must have missed it somewhere in all the code.

Does anyone know what SAP uses for their conversion especially when it comes to values larger than 999999.999?