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May 20, 2015 at 09:26 PM

How to index properties added on fly through impex ?


we've a requirement where product attributes and their values are added on fly, i.e., we've created a new item ItemAttribute with properties Key and value [example - key=colour/value=blue]. we assign this ItemAttributeCollection to product as a attribute and add values to this property in impex. Generally we index the properties of product using indexedProperty, but how can i index the attributes of the ItemAttribute.

 INSERT ItemAttribute; item(code)[unique=true]   ;key[unique=true]  ; value
                     ;item-0                     ;author            ;"ROBERT"
                     ;item-1                     ;qualification     ;"Degree"
 INSERT TestItem; code[unique=true] ; attributes;
                ; 7491              ; item-0,item-1;

Here , TestItem extends Product.

We've created ItemAttribute for adding attributes and their values for product dynamically as we've are not sure of attributes which may come in future. Please advise how to index attributes added like above

Thanks, Sandeep