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Former Member
May 20, 2015 at 08:23 AM

Product Search Result Boosting is not working


I have one search field where user can search products based on three fields : productCFN (String type), productBrand (String type) and productUpnName (text type). I am giving boost value based on priority so that result will come at the same order (higher boost value to lower boost value).

But search behavior is not working as expected. I have given boost value like that

productCFN 100

productBrand 20

productUpnName 50

So if i am searching it should first search by productCFN then productUpnName then productBrand and at the same order show result on the front end.

I have checked the query as well, seems that its correct, but don't know why its not working (I searched with 'CC0')


My Problem is why products are not coming on the top whose productCFN starts with 'CC0' even if i have given highest score to productCFN.

Please help me