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Mar 24, 2006 at 05:03 PM

Moving from DEV environment to QA environment


Hi everyone,

I have completed my webdynpro development in the development environment (DEV). Now I want to move everything including the iviews, code, etc. onto the QA environment (QA). I have already done the following:

1) Imported the iViews from DEV to QA.

2) Setup all the Jco connections on QA

3) Deployed all the applications on DEV to QA

But I am still running into issues. What happens is that out of 3 major applications on QA only one of them shows up. Also, we tried to 'Preview' the three iViews on QA through the 'Content Administrator' userid and password. We are able to 'Preview' only one of the iViews (thats the iView for the application that works) the other two iViews do not work. On trying to 'Preview' we get the following error: (White background with this text in writing)


An error has occured:

"Failed to Process the request."

Please contact your system administrator


This error also shows up if I type in URL for the application that was deployed in QA. Also, the IE window top bar reads this

http:// /webdynpro/resources/ wddispwda/global/bdyClone - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Could some one please help me with this. Now all three of these applications work perfectly in the DEV environment and no such errors show up. Right now I am doubting that its an iViews issue cause in the past when I have experienced an iView issue the application did run and then it gave me an error which specifically said that the iViews could not be found.

I have looked at the code and there are no hardcoded references to the DEV environment. Does someone have any ideas/solutions that I could try?