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Apr 09, 2015 at 03:37 PM

Real solution for props table / memory issue in Hybris 5.1+ and URS needed



I just run into a huge problem and had a look at this:

Thats all very nice to know that using legacy mode fixes the issue but whats the idea then of having the new URS implementation if it gets useless when having a big props table?

Checking your internal code the URS reads in all prop entries into memory(!!!) and afterwards it seems to use that to recreate some index information (but not very clear to me what this has to do with props table. In our case we have a very high amount of props of type 'modifieditemdisplaystring', not sure for what this is really used and created, but I am kind of hesitating to start manually remove entries out of this table as it is not documented at all.

We are using 5.1 so my question(s):

  • Is this something that is fixed in versions after 5.1?

  • Why all props entries are read into memory, whats the real gola of that (somehow I assume hybris is only interetsed of some few instances with a specific type?)

  • Is there an (official) documentation/statement of hybris how that table can be maintained, eg what kind of information ca be removed, when, etc

I think its really a very serious issue.....

Thanks and Cheers Roman