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Mar 30, 2015 at 01:56 PM

Internationalization message is not showing


hi, i am not getting the error message in German or english language by different language login user. my senario is :- one filed is restricted that we can not give more than 500 character. if we will give more than 150 character then on error message will be display. ` when i login through Eng language and giving than more than 150 character then error message is display but when i am giving in German field then sql exception is occurring. similarly when i login through German language the that field is OK for German but when i am putting in English then same sql error is occurring. i am using given impex script for these message

 insert_update SizeConstraint;descriptor(enclosingType(code),qualifier);id[unique=true,allownull=true];max[allownull=true];min[allownull=true];qualifier[allownull=true];severity(code,itemtype(code));target[allownull=true];type(code);message[lang=de];message[lang=en]
 #Itinerary Constraint
 ;XYZ:dayTitle;SizeConstraint;500;0;XYZ;ERROR:Severity;com.XYZModel;XYZ;The number of characters for 'Day title' must not exceed 500;The number of characters for 'Day title' must not exceed 500;