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Former Member
Mar 17, 2015 at 10:19 AM

Flexi query for one to many relationship?


I have two types A and B. They are in a one to many relationship as A-----one-----to------many-----B. Qualifier for A is a and B is b. How do I run a flexiquery to get all the rows of A join all the rows of B?

 <relation generate="true" localized="false" code="A2B" autocreate="true">
     <sourceElement type="A" qualifier="a" cardinality="one">                                                                                                                                             </sourceElement>                                        
     <targetElement type="B" qualifier="b" cardinality="many" collectiontype="list">
         <modifiers read="true" write="true" optional="true"    partof="true" />