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Mar 04, 2015 at 01:37 PM

Listing orders with specific status in NG cockpit based list widget


Hi Friends,

We are facing an issue, please suggest. Following is the details:

We have created a NG cockpit based perspective in backoffice where a user can list orders having status WAITING. We are able to create explorer tree (left navigation) and list widget where all orders are getting listed. But our objective is to list only order which have status equal to WAITING.

To achieve this we have created a restriction associated to 'Order' item and new user. But we are unable to write a where clause for this restriction: Working but not useful: {status} IN (8796094759003)

Not working: {status} IN (select {PK} from {orderstatus} where {code} = 'COMPLETED')

Please suggest an approach to achieve listing of order in WAITING status in NG cockpit based perspective. It will be helpful and appreciated if a bit technical details also provided.

Thanks, Arun