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Feb 05, 2015 at 05:36 AM

Attribute level cleanup


Hi Experts,

If i add a attribute to a itemtype and update the system, it will be added to that table. But later if i want to remove that attribute from system, i can't remove that particular column using Hybris update. I have tried with system cleanup as well. The system cleanup is removing the itemtype level not at attribute level. The only way i can remove that attribute from db is either through initialization or dropping that column directly from db. If i drop the column from db, still i can find the attribute is available with the itemtype definition in hmc. I have observed this by using MySql. Is there a way to remove that column with out initialization..? If i want to change the attribute type also we can't perform that. Is anyone observed this situation before, if observed can you please help me if you found the solution.

Thanks in Advance