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Feb 02, 2015 at 09:18 AM

Error when approving an order


We are implementing an order approval flow, based on a sample flow from the b2bapprovalprocess extension. However, when I try to approve an order, I receive an exception that goes something like this:

Request processing failed; nested exception is de.hybris.platform.workflow.exceptions.AutomatedWorkflowActionException: No automated workflow has been found for workflow template: AutomatedWorkflowActionTemplateModel (8796125824089)

I am guessing that this exception is pointing to some bad/missing configuration of the process, but what I don't understand from the error is what or where my configuration is not right. Am I missing a spring bean definition for an action, or am I missing something in the XML file that defines my process, or a process parameter. It mentions a PK which I was able to locate under the AutomatedWorkflowActionTemplate type. The item seems to have everything specified similar to the other action templates, so I am not sure what is missing.

I also wanted to know where the ProcessParameter EVENT_AFTER_WORKFLOW_PARAM is set from. I don't see it set anywhere, but it shows up as null when debugging the code.

Can someone please interpret what this error means, so I can understand what I am doing wrong and what I need to fix?

Thank you, Yatin K.