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Jan 24, 2015 at 07:38 PM

Problems including secureportaladdon


Hallo all,

while stepping through the wiki page for including the secureportaladdon I'm facing a lot of errors which make it impossible to use.

  • B2B Accelerator

  • Custom module 'wnecom'

  • Using SAP-Integration

I read about the fixes regarding '' and adding 'addonsupport' to extensioninfo.xml and considered both of them!

Following I faced an error after executing 'ant all' after 'ant addoninstall':

D:\Project\hybris\bin\platform\resources\ant\antmacros.xml:721: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: cannot merge namespace ((wnecomfulfilment process)) into (()) due to duplicate attribute 'ConsignmentProcess.done(java.lang.Boolean):((wnecomfulfilmentprocess))::YAttributeDescriptor[wnecomfulfi lmentprocess-items.xml:21(AttributeTagListener)][PROPERTY]' vs 'ConsignmentProcess.done(java.lang.Boolean):((yacceleratorfulfilmentprocess))::YAttributeDescript or[yacceleratorfulfilmentprocess-items.xml:21(AttributeTagListener)][PROPERTY]' at de.hybris.bootstrap.typesystem.YNamespace.mergeNamespace( at de.hybris.bootstrap.typesystem.YTypeSystem.mergeNamespaces( at de.hybris.bootstrap.typesystem.YTypeSystem.finalizeTypeSystem( at de.hybris.bootstrap.typesystem.YTypeSystemLoader.finish( at de.hybris.bootstrap.typesystem.YTypeSystemSource.readTypeSystem( at de.hybris.bootstrap.typesystem.YTypeSystemSource.getTypeSystem( at de.hybris.bootstrap.codegenerator.jalo.JaloClassGenerator.generateClasses(

Because we're using a custom module, I modified the addoninstall command using 'wnecomstorefront' instead of 'yb2bacceleratorstorefront':

ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="secureportaladdon" -DaddonStorefront.yb2bacceleratorstorefront="wnecomstorefront"

This also ended up in errors during 'ant all' because there were references to yb2bacceleratorstorefront project in the files copied to the storefront. I also modified those files and referenced the wnestorefront extension so ant ended SUCCESSFUL. Nevertheless after executing Update (as described in the wiki) I always get a 404 opening the storefront-root without any log statements...

Is there a way using secureportaladdon with a custom module? What's the way to go if we need registration functionality in b2baccelerator? Also we have to implement opt-in instead the standard approval-workflow. My idea was to use secureportaladdon (first of all get it running the standard way), create a custom extension out of it (like described here: and change the workflow to our needs...

Any suggestions what to do?

Regards, Tim