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Dec 26, 2014 at 01:59 PM

how to use Enum attribute in simple search



I am getting "SQL search error : incompatible data type" while searching with enum data type in simple search.

how to add enum data type and other data types [date] in configuration file , for simple search.

I have tried by adding enum data type as mentioned below, It is not working. I got "SQL search error : incompatible data" Error, while searching.


 <yss:simple-search xmlns:yss="">
     <yss:field name="code"/>
      <yss:field name="name"/>
      <yss:field name="remarks"/>
      <yss:field name="pk"/>
  <yss:field name="approvalStatus"/>  *********** Enum Data type**********
     <yss:sort-field name="name" asc="true"/>

Error :

ERROR [hybrisHTTP38] [FlexibleSearch] Flexiblesearch error: SQL search error : incompatible data type in operation query = 'SELECT item_t0.PK FROM products item_t0 LEFT JOIN productslp lp_t0_l1 ON item_t0.PK = lp_t0_l1.ITEMPK AND lp_t0_l1.LANGPK =? LEFT JOIN productslp lp_t0 ON at$2.execute( at$2.execute( at de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.session.impl.DefaultSessionService.executeInLocalView( at at at de.hybris.platform.genericsearch.impl.DefaultGenericSearchService$1.execute( at de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.session.impl.DefaultSessionService.executeInLocalView(

Kindly help on this issue.

Thanks in advance. Anjan