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Nov 26, 2014 at 10:07 AM

SAP Integration: Replicate Classification Data


Hi experts,

after we successfully managed to replicate products from SAP to hybirs, we are heading forward to the next step our sap integration case: replication of classification data.

So we pushed some example files (CHRMAS, CLSMAS, CLFMAS, ARTMAS) from SAP to Hybris. While the products where imported sucessfully, we got an error when publishing the categories:

 column 4: cannot resolve value 'ERP_CLASSIFICATION_026:ERP_IMPORT' for attribute 'catalogVersion'

So it seems datahub doesn't know about the target classification system the data should be imported into. While it is quite obvious how to define the target catalog version for products (using Sales Area Mapping) i couldn't find any information how to do this for classification data.

Any hints would be highly appreciated!