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Nov 13, 2014 at 05:15 PM

Using an ItemCollection field in flexible search



I'm facing an issue with using a collection type field in my flexible search queries.

  • I have defined a PrincipalCollection like this

  • I have added that collection to my item type

               <attribute qualifier="assignedPrincipals" type="MyPrincipalCollection">
                     <description>Principal collection</description>
                     <modifiers read="true" write="true" search="true"
                         optional="true" />
                     <persistence type="property" />
  • Now when creating my DAO I have a query that looks like this

    SELECT {item:pk} FROM {MyItem as item} WHERE ?session.user IN ({item:assignedPrincipals})

Now the problem is that this query never returns anything (yes, I was able to add principals to that item and can see them in HMC). The field in the flexible search console query result looks like this


Any help would be appreciated!