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Sep 13, 2014 at 12:19 PM

Getting console error during media upload through hot-folder configuration



I am getting console error but media is uploading and working fine. But show console error in Console. Error is in which prefix add with the file. If i remove ignore at run time, console error does not come. Can anyone help me.

ERROR [task-scheduler-4] (00000X6G) [CronJobErrorHandler] line 3 at main script: Exception ocurred, will ignore: de.hybris.platform.impex.jalo.ImpExException: Path 'file:D:/prj_razorfish_takisada_SVN/ngcp/data/mc/brand/master/imagegallery/RawImages/4A21HR01404_001.jpg' couldn't be resolved![HY--1] de.hybris.platform.impex.jalo.ImpExException: Path 'file:D:/prj_razorfish_takisada_SVN/ngcp/data/mc/brand/master/imagegallery/RawImages/4A21HR01404_001.jpg' cou ldn't be resolved![HY--1] at at de.hybris.platform.impex.jalo.cronjob.DefaultCronJobMediaDataHandler.importData( at

Thanks Manoj