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Sep 03, 2014 at 02:57 PM

Product Catalog with single version throws error during Initialization



I have two product catalog with one version as below,

 merchandisingProductCatalog (Staged Version)  and
    storefrontProductCatalog          (Online Version) 

Note : Content catalog have same name with staged and online version

Also, i have configured a custom sync. job for the above two catalog.

During initialization, InitialDataSystemSetup fails because the code expects both offline and online version of the catalog.

 In DefaultSetupSyncJobService class,  createProductCatalogSyncJob method expects both offline   and online version of same catalog, which is not in my case, as i have only one catalog version. 

 CatalogManager.getInstance().configureSynchronizationJob(jobName, catalog,
                     CatalogManager.OFFLINE_VERSION, CatalogManager.ONLINE_VERSION, true, false);

Since i don't have the Offline version of merchandisingProductCatalog, it throws null pointer exception and the subsequent impex import fails.

Should i extend the service and override all the DataImportService related classes or ignore CoreDataimportService and SampleDataImportService and import individual impex files?

Thanks, Arun