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Aug 26, 2014 at 03:16 PM

Initialization issue


Hi All

After executing the initialization, i am getting the following error when i hit the url http://localhost:9001/store

org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: Error while processing internal filterchain. Exception occurred at chain position: 4 of 16. Current filter: 'en.capgemini.klarets.storefront.filters.cms.CMSSiteFilter@5763bd83'!; nested exception is de.hybris.platform.basecommerce.exceptions.BaseSiteActivationException: de.hybris.platform.cms2.exceptions.CMSItemNotFoundException: Catalog [CatalogModel (8796093219416)] is not part of current site [klarets] de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.web.AbstractPlatformFilterChain$InternalFilterChain.doFilter(

I am using hybris-commerce-suite-

Well the solution is, i need to map the productCatalog to the store inside hmc but why is it not getting mapped via impex file. There is no error when i run the hybris initialization.

Am i missing something here....