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Aug 20, 2014 at 02:55 PM

Performance issue with BTG evaluation


Hello everybody,

We have defined a BTG rule to hide/show a banner in the front.

The scope defined is session, however after few tests weare observing that the btgresult tables contains a big number of records and some requests take considerable time.

 SELECT  item_t0.PK  FROM btgresult item_t0 WHERE ( item_t0.p_user  = 8796093087748 AND  item_t0.p_rule  = 8796093188449 AND  item_t0.p_resultscope  = 8796100460635 AND  item_t0.p_sessionid  = 's53894307177936') AND (item_t0.TypePkString=8796101017682 ) order by  item_t0.createdTS  desc,  item_t0.p_sequence  desc


 INSERT INTO btgresult ( hjmpTS,PK,createdTS,modifiedTS,TypePkString,p_forced,p_fulfilled,p_invalidated,p_resultscope,p_rule,p_sequence,p_sessionid,p_user ) VALUES (0,8966993742182,'2014-08-20 12:26:41.957','2014-08-20 12:26:41.957',8796101017682,0,0,0,8796100460635,8796093188449,'05217475','s36302122174928',8796093087748)

The result shouldn't be deleted after session end so the table will not contain big number of records ?

Thanks for your advice.

Kind Regards,

Imad Eddine