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Aug 04, 2019 at 03:58 PM

SAP Cloud Platform Subaccounts Architecture


Hi Community,

I'm currently implementing a new solution extending S/4 HANA Cloud with SAP Cloud Platform and I have a few silly questions (for you but not for me :) ).

My customer have in her plan two Java Quotas, one HANA DB (64GB) and one ASE database. I have to design the architecture of system in where we should to deploy the Java Applications to cover all the customer requirements.

So, there are my doubts.

  • Can I create two subaccounts in order to separate testing an production enviroments respective? If yes, can I use my database allocated in the production subaccount in the other subaccount?
  • Can I assign one Java Quota to each sub account in order to run the applications separately? How affect this to the database bindings in each application?
  • How many applications i can run with one Java Quota? Just one ? or is depending the memory, cpu, etc?

I really appreciate if someone clears me these doubts.

Thank you in advance.