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Aug 04, 2019 at 01:50 PM

Historical Data handling in SAP SAC


Hello All,

I know it may be difficult question to answer, but looking for suggestions or if you have done anything similar what was the approach taken. It is about performance. (We do not have B4HANA, only S4HANA 1809 and SAC, so data is materialized in ZTables)

For faster response

1. Should data be materialized and summarized for SAC Dashboard or

2. Performance will not be affected even if data is at most granular form as long as it is materialized?

I have multi year sales data modeled thru ABAP CDS and materialized it in ZTABLES, But the data is not SUMMARIZED for different charts we show, only thing happens here the data is not going thru modeling, it is modeled and stored in the Ztables)

But the performance is still slow not less than 10 seconds. Is it the right approach or the data should be further summarized as required for the dashboards and shown?

Any suggestions to increase the performance?

Thank you,