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Aug 04, 2014 at 02:35 PM

Media Replication Directories on Hybris cluster nodes.


Hi All, I have one question regarding clustering, precisely "Media Replication Directories". I followed the wiki page: and my nodes configuration for that look like: node 1;/var/www/hybris_app/media2 node 2;/var/www/hybris_app/media2

On remote server node1 I manually created /media1, on the other server node2 I manually created /media2. The result of this configuration is than on those 2 nodes I have 2 catalogs: media1 and media2. When I use HMC on node 1 tu upload some sample file it is created in the same path in /media1 and media2. But it is not created on there's drive. The same is when using HMC on node 2: the file is created physically on media1 and media 2 (on node's2 drive). But it's not created on node's 1 drive :( What I can do is I can look for this sample files using node's 2 HMC, and I see it as they're on the same DB. But why the sample files are not created physically on each node? Maybe I don't understand the idea of media replication. But if anyone has an idea, or followed the same problem I would be more than greatfull to hear the answer.