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Jul 27, 2014 at 09:57 AM

Product cockpit performance and scalability and deployment approach



Need guidance on quality attributes like performance and scalability of product cockpit.


How to increase the 'Performance' in product cockpit, in terms of 1.Browsing 2. Searching, 3. Synchronization. 4. Importing (huge products 1 million)

Apart from, 1. productcockpit.default.catalogBrowser.maxEntries=1000 2. Multi-threaded synchronization 3.Since the product values will be changing frequently, caching is not really useful in product cockpit.

what are the other things need to be considered to increase the performance in product cockpit, I could think of replacing default product search with solr search, which is available in cscockpit, why it is not available as alternate search service in product cockpit.


  1. We have 1 million products at present, and in near future we are expecting another 1 million products, how scalable is product cockpit ?

  2. Will the search, browse and other actions will not increase the load in database? Will this load decrease the website performance?(assuming both pcm and commerce are deployed/using the same database instance)

  3. To overcome point no 2, Is it ok to deploy PCM in a separate instance and commerce in separate instance?In this way PCM can scale separately (scale-in/scale-out) and will not increase the load in commerce database.

Kindly let me know the whether the approach is right or not.

Thanks, Arun