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Jul 23, 2014 at 03:10 PM

Synchronize configuration in the database between different servers



I'm searching for a solutions for the differences in 'configuration' between the production environment and the other environments (like test en local). With the differences I mean the manually added classificatons / catalogs / changes in the email templates / etc. I don't mean the products / orders / users that is sensitive data and I don't want that in my local environment. How should I handle this, export specific database tables or are there other automatic ways to synchronise this?

I know that there is also an option that you should make for every change of the classificatons / catalogs etc. an impex file. Is that the way how you should handle this? Because that creates the problem that someone without any 'programming' knowledge can't add something of the catalogs / classificatons models.

How do you handle this?