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Jul 11, 2014 at 12:46 PM

No tenant active. if you do not want to use tenants - problem


 java.lang.IllegalStateException: no tenant active. if you do not want to use tenants, call Registry.activateMasterTenant() to assure the Master tenant is active.

This is what I get from the sample Junit TestCase below when startetd in ee. In this test I'm using an external Oracle database running on our integration server.

Can you please provide some info on how to do unit / integration testing in eclise or intellij. Thanks.

 public class CustomerRegistrationIntegrationTest extends HybrisJUnit4TransactionalTest {
     public void setUp() {Registry.activateMasterTenant();    }
     public void tearDown(){}
      * This is a sample test method.
     public void testMe() {
         final boolean testTrue = true;
         assertTrue("true is not true", testTrue);