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Jun 19, 2014 at 10:39 AM

Impex Row syntax for CSV upload using Spring integration


I am trying to write a Spring Integration batch process to upload CSV data using impex Header. But I am not finding any documentation which explain the impexRow syntax. I am trying to look at the samples from acceleratorservices but I have some queries regarding the syntax. Can you please provide your response and any links for documentation on how to write impexRow syntax.

First Example Header

INSERT Customer;uid[unique=true];$setName;title(code);$setPassword

ImpexRow ;{+0};{1} {2};{3};

Q1- Why there is no semicolon between {1} and {2}

Second example Insert stock

UPDATE Product;code[unique=true];@stock[translator=de.hybris.platform.acceleratorservices.dataimport.batch.stock.StockTranslator,adapter=stockImportAdapter];$catalogVersion

ImpexRow ;{+0};{+1}:{2}

Q2- Why there is a colon between {1} and {2}

Import media container

INSERT_UPDATE MediaContainer;qualifier[unique=true];medias(code, $catalogVersion);$catalogVersion

ImpexRow ;{1};/1200Wx1200H/{1},/515Wx515H/{1},/300Wx300H/{1},/96Wx96H/{1},/65Wx65H/{1},/30Wx30H/{1}

Q3- I can't find any documentation to explain the above syntax. Can any one please explain it ?