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Aug 01, 2019 at 09:15 PM

PowerDesigner 16.6: ValidSubFolder Error when importing XMI file


I'm using PD SP04 PL01 (Version: PD (5437)). I'm attempting to import an XMI 2.1 file. The import runs for a couple of minutes and then exists with no objects imported. In the Output window I see:

ValidSubFolder("C:\ProgramData\PowerDesigner 16\NMap", "C:\Users\N211357\") => Not a sub-folder:

"C:\ProgramData\PowerDesigner 16\NMap\" is not a sub-folder of "C:\Users\N211357\".

Parameter name: subFolder

N211357 is my user folder. I'm not sure why PD thinks the NMap folder should be under my home folder. (in addition, the folder under PowerDesigner 16 is "Nmap files", not just "NMap".)

Has anyone encountered this? Is there a solution, or is this a bug?