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Aug 01, 2019 at 03:40 AM

Reorder prompts defined in IDT

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Hi All,

I have report filters defined in IDT that uses prompts also defined in IDT.

For example,

Report Filter:


But when these report filters are used in a Webi report, I am unable to order the prompts.

For example: My report has following 5 report filters:

The prompts for these filters show up in a random order when you run the report:

I added the numeric prefix to the prompt text to force the sort, but didn’t help. I even changed the prefix to characters, but still didn’t help:

Is there any way I can force an order/sort for these prompts?

The ‘Prompt Order’ in ‘Query Properties’ in Webi is only available for prompts that are defined in Webi. Also, the Prompt syntax allows the ‘User:nn’ option (@Prompt('Enter Status','A',,,,,,User:2)) to sort the prompts, but that option completely avoids the Parameters/List-of-values defined in IDT! So cannot use both these options! Is there any other way to sort the prompts?



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