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Aug 02, 2019 at 07:33 AM

"Cannot load tile " Fiori Launchpad – Home page personalization cache issue


Hello Gurus , we have a serious issue when the user personalize the home page screen where he moves the tiles from the parent group to any other group

Let me explain the scenario in detail , Lets say we have three tile in a group and the changes are moved to production . The end user moves the tiles from the parent group to the home group (personalize the home page ) .

Now we have some changes are mode to one of the existing tile like a label change plus a new tile is added to the group then transported to production .

Now the issue is for the end users who has done the home page personalization for the tile in which the label was change , the end user get cannot load tile for the modified tile plus the new tile . And for the user who has not done the personalization the label changed tile is getting reflected plus the new tile.

I would like to know of any of our members have faced this kind of issue .

Need urgent assistance on how to move resolve the issue .

System details :

NW7.52 SP2 , FES 4.0 with SAP UI5 version 1.52 SP 15.