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Aug 01, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Leap year in IBP


Dear IBP experts

Next year (2020) will be a 'leap year', so 29/02/2020 is an 'extra date' in our planning level in days. We are using attribute transformations to shift our actuals one year (+365 days). As a result of this, after 29/02/2020, the numbers are not correct anymore. It means 01/03/2019 is shifted on to 29/02/2020, 02/03/2019 into 01/03/2020 and so on. When looking at monthly buckets, as most of our planners do, this gives a wrong view.

How can we handle with this? Working with a shift on week levels is not possible as the days are always different within a weeknumber and working with month levels is also impossible because we will than loose the detail on day level (which is necessary for our planning community).

In fact we just want to ignore the 29/02/2020 date. Is that possible somehow?