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Aug 01, 2019 at 02:36 AM

Fiori app deployment with different instance,how to set the SSO in mobile and external access?


Dear Experts,

We have one front-end system and three independence S4/HANA instance. Now we want to establish the fiori app for different user to access different instance. So we have a bunch problem for this.

1. As for a fiori app, it had one ui application, but how do we config the odata service for three different instance for different user. Such as user A, B, C enter the same app, but it's data come from three instance HAP/HBP/HCP.

2. And the authority check, such as plant , we should do this in the back-end system? how do we do the authority check?

3. When we use internal office network we can access the fiori app though mobile, but how do we config this can access though external network, and how to set the SSO in mobile?

Thanks for your sincerely answer