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Jul 31, 2019 at 09:00 AM

CCO - Petty Cash payment receipt not released to B1


Hi Experts,

We have configured Customer checkout for integrating with B1. However, only cash payment receipt is failed to reach SAP B1 and it results with the following error message.

Exception : DI Error: (-2028) No matching records found (ODBC -2028)-The di call #1 did fail.

In the other hand, Credit card payment is successfully released and posted into SAP B1.

I have tried to find the above issue from SAP notes (#2693418 & #2650591) and check all necessary configurations both in CCO & B1. Such as: cash flow relevancy, payment terms, etc ..

B1 version: 9.3 (CN)

CCO version: 2.7.6

CCO scenario: 3.8.93

I have noticed the following thread having similar issue.