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Jul 30, 2019 at 04:21 PM

SAP Fiori: Approval details tab error in manage purchase requisition tile


Hello experts,

In our SAP Fiori (version 1809), Approval detail steps are not displaying in manage purchase requisition tile. We are using custom workflow scenario template (Copy of standard WS00800157 – overall release of purchase requisition) using standard tasks TS00800547, TS00800425.

So, it searches value of the standard template only, even it (WS00800157) is deactivated or removed the entry from the table V_SWF_FLEX_SCACT.

I Would like to know, where should I configure/edit to get these step details from our custom workflow template to make it appear in approval detail tab, moreover the workflow process works fine without an error.

Thanks in advance for your help.