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Jul 30, 2019 at 02:22 PM

NDSO with multiple inbound queues


I got a ".DWF NDSO" with multiple inbound queues .

Q1 While building a simple flowgraph (Load Procedure based) , flowgraph asks for every field to be mapped from source but I only got few fields from source to map with target . How can I skip the target fields in flowgraph not available in source.

Q2 . If I provide a mapping for every target field for all inbound queues . While activating data from multiple inbound queues, 2nd load ( from 2nd inbound queue ) overwrites values loaded from 1st load ( from 1st inbound queue) even though I have chosen "Ignore" option for these fields in NDSO inbound queue confirguration.

What is the purpose of "Ignore" in NDSO definition?

How can I skip few fields from inbound queue to active table while data activation. HANA Inbound queue "IGNORE" functionality in NDSO configuration not working .