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Jul 30, 2019 at 01:40 PM

Matching invoice references with EFM


Dear all,

A Dutch customer is using bank statement processing for importing bank statements of the Dutch bank Rabobank. It is beneficial that there is an EFM bank statement available already, which the customer is using for its bank imports.

However, there are some issues with matching the invoice references in the bank statement and documents in SAP B1.

  • First of all, not all invoice numbers from bank statements can be matched with invoices in SAP B1.
  • Sometimes invoice numbers, from transactions in the MT940 bank statement, are separated on 2 lines.
  • Original invoice number: 1040015734 [see image 1 - image-1.jpg]
  • Looking at the MT940 bank statement, the ‘Enter’ has caused the problem for not taking over the complete invoice number: [see image 2 - image-2.jpg]

Question: What function do I need to use to get the complete invoice number in the Document-ID field?

If this can be done, all the invoice numbers can be matched through bank statement processing automatically.

I tried out the following solution myself, but this didn’t fix the whole problem:

  • Document Identifier in EFM format file results in the following:
  1. Possible solution: translate(%tekstID,'
  • ','')

[see image 3 - image-3.jpg]

The result was not suitable because the ‘enter’ didn’t result in taking the whole invoice number to the Document Identifier field in SAP.

  1. Possible solution: Regular expression:(?<=:86:)(.*\r\n)*.*
  • But then only the below line will be found:

[see image 4 - image-4.jpg]

I am very interested in the solution for this issue. Thanks in advance.


image-1.jpg (10.3 kB)
image-2.jpg (21.0 kB)
image-3.jpg (9.3 kB)
image-4.jpg (26.0 kB)