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Jul 31, 2019 at 12:14 PM

What Development Path would I research/learn for administrative repository automation...


Hi all, completely new to SAP development. The developer site is pretty extensive and I was wondering if someone had a good recommendation for which major development "path" or area to look into for me to accomplish this type of task:

We have Business Objects 4.2 and I'm interested in developing generic "administrative" automation. For example, would like to write a utility to "inactivate users", or maybe write a utility to move an object like a document. Those sort of simple to do admin/UI tasks. Preferably I'd like to have the utility/script/code/program/whatever running/stored inside of the repository if that's possible.

Anyway, just curious if someone has a good recommendation on which major area to start looking into to accomplish that. For example, SAP/HANA??... I see something called "ABAP" a lot but not sure what that is... or is there a simpler way to install scripts that can be scheduled to run inside BO4.2 that uses maybe a simple "administrative API" or something like that?

NOTE: I don't have any limitations (or need any specific assistance) in regard to actual programming, I'm just needing to get pointed down the most appropriate path for this type of task.

Thanks for any help. Not even sure the best "primary tag" to use for this question...