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Jul 30, 2019 at 02:01 PM

Employee Central Service Center - Portal Responses

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Hi All,

We are about 2 months live and have been receiving a lot of feedback from our employee's that they do not like receiving responses via the portal. Most of our employee's aren't in SuccessFactors everyday so it's been somewhat a hassle for them to have to log back into the system to view their response.

We changed our process to reply via email, however we have a notification that is sent out (it's configured to send out when the source equals internet). So now our employee's are getting an email response and a notification to go into the system and check on the ticket (if source equals internet and you reply via email the response does NOT go back into their ticket on the portal) so now this is causing more confusion if the employee logs into the portal and don't see a response.

My initial thoughts are to see if we can disable the reply via portal for the Agents so we can disable the notification and they just receive emails.

1. How/Can this be done?

2.What other suggestions do people have?

3. If we should keep portal responses, is there a way to add a rule to the notification that says if agent responds to internet ticket via email, no notification?

Thank you for any advice!