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Jul 27, 2019 at 05:51 PM

Quantity change after delivery is distributed to EWM S4HANA 1809


Hi All,

My client is using WM currently and they are implementing S4HANA 1809 with embedded EWM.

In the current WM system before loading they have flexibility to change the quantity in the delivery +/- based on the customer need. They have custom solution to calculate the packaging material based on delivery quantity from the batch.

For example DLV quantity 1000 PCS, from the batch the calculation happens and it decides the packaging materials. So, in the line item 20 it shows packaging materials 20PCS as an example.

Before loading if they have instruction to reduce the delivery quantity, then change the quantity to 800pcs as an example, and batch calculates the packaging material as 18pcs as an example.

Even after implementing the EWM also, they want to have the flexibility to change delivery quantity to satisfy the customer needs.

But in the standard EWM, once the OBD is distributed to EWM we cant change ECC delivery.

can someone give me an advice what is best way to handle this.

as of now we suggested not to distribute the delivery immediately to EWM, instead either move manually or via batch job on periodical basis to EWM.

But customer says they want to have the leverage even after picking tasks created, they want to reverse the picking tasks and then want to change the delivery quantity. As EWM standard I dont think its possible.

The only way is to update the quantity proposal in delivery and then create the new delivery in ECC with changed requirement.

Please give some ideas, to handle this case.

Many thanks in anticipation.