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Jul 24, 2019 at 01:52 PM

IBP data population from PROD to LOCPRODCUST level


Hi community,

I got stuck in populating data from PRODWEEKLYCURR level to LOCPRODCUSTCURRWEEKLY level and I am not sure how to get there.

What I have done?

I populated a price attribute from product MDT into the planning area following the attribute as key figure approach. The price gets properly calculated for the base planning level "PRODWEEKLYCURR".

Now I want to calculate revenue key figures at LOCPRODCUSTCURRWEEKLY level by multiplying this price with the respective QTY of the key figures at LOCPRODCUSTWEEKLY level, similar like it's done for CONSENSUSDEMANDREV.

However the system complains about more than 2 different planning levels if I replace "SALESFCSTPRICE@LOCPRODCUSTCURRWEEKLY" with the key figure "IBPPRDUNITPRICE2@PRODWEEKLYCURR".

How do I lift my current price to LOCPRODCUSTCURRWEEKLY level?

regards, Peter