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Jul 26, 2019 at 06:15 PM

Payroll is bringing forward .01 difference from previous period


Dear Experts,

This may seem a little awkward but please hear me out. We have 2 Actions one is Transfer Out and the other is Transfer In. Now whenever the first action takes place the InfoGroup updates the IT0001 infotype and the Planned Working Time. But Very Recently we are seeing a .01 difference in the payroll which is being brought forward by the previous period.

For Example the Action of Transfer Out takes place for the Month of August 2019 in the month of July 2019.

The other Action the Transfer In also takes place mostly in the same month, The remmuneration statement for the month of August 2019 for Example shows a Basic Pay of Rs. 32,000.

But when we are stimulating the payroll for the month of August in the month of July 2019 after the entries and Action the form is showing a .01 extra paid of deducted. In this case it is showing Rs. 32,000.01.

Upon Expanding the Log and Double Clicking on the period and drilling down further we are able to see that the KGENAU is at 100,000.01.

If you have come across this type of observation please let me know your views on how to Stop this from happening.

Thanks and Regards,

Dipabho Banerjee