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Jul 26, 2019 at 07:58 AM

Add position to assortment module (wso2) with ABAP Program


Hi guys,

I wana add with a programm materials to assortment module (ws02), which has a specific flag in material master data for this adding.

First i tried to use a batch input and record this. But the problem is, that I can only add 8 positions/materials automatically, because then I get the error that it doesnt find the dynpro for the 9 position.

I tried much with batch input, but I think it isnt a good solution.

So i tried to write a "normal" programm with using function module like "ASSORTMENT_POS_HANDLING". But when I use this, it doesnt happen anything. I got no dumps, no error and the export parameter with error infos is always empty.

Does anyone wrote a programm which add position to an assortment module and can confirm that I use the right one?

Thankful for any help.

KR Marvin