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Jul 25, 2019 at 01:11 PM

Current File uploaded in SAP KM is not getting picked in Portal ( File refresh not happening)


A new PDF document has been uploaded in KM (root > hrdata > MyBonus > MyGrossBonusCadre>nl>GrossBonusPlan.pdf) but when it is tried to access the same document from the Portal it is not picking the same document rather a different document is getting accessed from Portal.

However, in the backend system the configuration done in transaction SM30 with the table ZHR_ESS_EMP_URL is /SAP/PUBLIC/ESS/hrdata/MyBonus/MyGrossBonusCadre/NL/GrossBonusPlan.pdf

Also the same issue is happening for other files uploaded in different folders in KM such that the file which is getting picked in Portal is of older version and not the current version file uploaded in KM. I have already refreshed the Portal PCD Cache, Local Cache, Cluster Cache and also webdispatcher cache has been also cleared and refreshed. Any advice to identify and resolve the issue would be helpful.