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Jul 25, 2019 at 11:58 AM

SAPUI5 Application Multi-tenancy in SAP Cloud Platform Neo Environment


I've some SAPUI5 HTML5 applications which consume OData V2 services from Cloud HANA Database in the same sub-account.

And I need to introduce multi-tenancy to my applications and to do that I would like to follow either one of the following approaches.

1) Use Tenant_ID column in all tables

2) Use separate schemas for each tenant

And I need to invoke my services from UI5 applications with respective Tenant ID to get specific data for that particular tenant. And I'm gonna use separate launch pad for each tenant.

Is there any way to configure tenant for a launchpad or is there any best way to configure tenant for users and to retrieve specific data for that tenant from Cloud HANA database from passing the current Tenant ID to the OData service from getting the user specific tenanat from the Cloud Platform.