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Mar 24, 2006 at 08:37 AM

Dynamic Data Objects


Hello everybody,

i need to solve the following problem:

data: l_structure type DFIES-FIELDNAME,
      ls_outtab type ref to data,
      lt_outtab type ref to data.
fieldsymbols: <lt_outtab> type standard table,
              <ls_outtab> type any.

l_structure = 'ZZ_TEST'.
* The DDIC Structure ZZ_TEST has 2 fields: A and B both CHAR10.

* Table
create data outtab type standard table of (l_structure).
assign outtab->* to <lt_outtab>.

* Workarea
create data ls_outtab type (l_structure).
assign table field ls_outtab->* to <ls_outtab>

The question now is, how can i assign the workarea <ls_outtab> a value to its field A and to its field B?

The codeline "<ls_outtab>-A = 'xyz'" gives me a syntax error.

best regards