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Jul 23, 2019 at 05:35 PM

Custom Payroll Program giving diffrent output in foreground & Background


Custom program is giving different output in foreground & background.

When we schedule the Job in background from the foreground(SE38) , or run from the foreground the program gives output for 341 records but when we create a new job and run from background (SM36), the program is giving only 89 records. This is the problem, that in prod there is Background job is scheduled and lot of records are getting dropped in the output. One reason could be because of variant(which is same in all the cases), which contains Payroll Period on the selection screen which we need to refreshed by pressing enter on the selection screen in the foreground and but in the background the variant is not getting refreshed(Payroll Period Begda & Ennda).

Kindly suggest.