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Jul 22, 2019 at 03:22 PM

Link between Incoming Invoice and Out bound Invoice in Third party order processing


Dear Experts,

I have came across an interesting situation where I need to find out while generating Customer Invoice (Outgoing invoice) which Incoming Invoices were processed with how many quantities.

Already checked VBFA and VBRP table and did not find anything which can show such relationship.


Sales Order 1 (SO1) has Line 10 with 5 Qty which created PO with Line 10 - 2 Qty and Line 20 - 3 Qty and resulted in Inbound deliver and Incoming Invoice for full Qty.

When created customer Invoice it shows 1 Line item with 5 Qty.

While printing the invoice need to show earlier Inbound delivery information and exact breakup of Qty. There is need to find relationship between Customer and Invoice and corresponding Inbound Deliver or Incoming invoice.

Thank you in advance.