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Jul 22, 2019 at 06:38 AM

State WA family medical leave Ins taxes should not catchup in current period in retro scenario.


Issue : In retro case for state WA family medical leave ins taxes should not catchup in current period. This is only for one state WA.

Client Requirement: Our Client requirement is for state WA new family medical leave taxes & reportable wages should be calculated for both the periods PP 14 & PP15/2019 but for PP14/2019 FMLA tax amount should be paid by Employeer & Employee Should pay Taxes for only 15/2019 period and Reportable wages should be remain same.


1.Employee having resident & work tax area is Oregon (OR) for period 07/01/2019 – 07/15/2019 (Semi Monthly PP 14/2019).Ran payroll for period PP 14/2019.

2.Now we override the state OR with state WA from period 07/01/2019.Execute the payroll for period PP15/2019 (07/16-07/30/2019) with retrospectively.

3.As per SAP Standards it will refund the taxes for OR (Withholding taxes) & for state WA Family Medical tax (87,98,99 & 100) calculated for both period 14/2019 & 15/2019 and deducted in current pay check of Employee.

Please suggest how can we achieve this scenario in SAP and reply to this blog or