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Jul 26, 2019 at 06:04 AM

EWM QM Acceptance Sampling Insp.Lot


Hi All,

I need to create Inspection lot for Acceptance Sampling from EWM QM integration. I have done the below mentioned settings to trigger Inspection lot.

1.Warehouse-Dependent Activation of Inspection Object Type --> I-Lot Setup as "From Insp. Rule" , GR Ctl as "From Q-Info Record" and maintained Acc.Smpl with check.

2. IOT 4 is maintained.

3. PO is created but I have not processed /SCWM/GRPE to create batch and IBD.

4. Inspection Rule is maintained with "Acceptance Sample".

I need to trigger the inspection lot before 10 days lead time. As Q info record does not support lot origin 17 , how the inspection lot for Acceptance Sample will be created.

With Regards,