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Mar 24, 2006 at 08:00 AM

Error: InfoObject does not contain alpha-conforming value 20030729


Hi everyone,

I got this problem, that i tried to fix yesterday, but all i did was that i got realy frustrated...

I created an infoobject which is copy of 0DOC_NUMBER and has alpha coversion routine.

Mapping field in DataSource is also type character 10(VBELN) as my infoobject.

But there are some values in this field that i am trying to load, less then 10 characters long (20030729,20051116...) and shouldn't be there, because the values are dates and not document numbers.

But anyway on R/3 side this values are in field which is defined as character 10 (VBELN), and when I am trying to load Infopackage(17500 records) I get 52 errors: InfoObject does not contain alpha-conforming value 20030729.

I don't get it, since both fields are type character 10 and the values are only digits, why do I get this error message and how can I fix it?

PS:One solution is to remove alpha conversion routine from infoobject, but i don't want that.